Juliana Aragón Fatula


Writing keeps me sane when I feel insane most of the time.

on August 11, 2018

Today I feel exuberant. I’m writing for a week away from home at my home away from home in Pueblo, Colorado. My dear friend/sister, Dr. Judy Noel, offers me a room of my own to write and read and rejuvenate from the reality of the world we now live in.

We had dinner at Three Sisters off Hwy. 25 near Colorado City. I ate the best surf and turf I’ve ever had. Or I ate with my eyes because the steak and shrimp were huge and delicious. I saved half of the meal for breakfast the next day, however, I ate all of the shrimp and asparagus and it tasted like food should taste.

It’s a country Saloon that serves alcohol and great food. I loved the ambiance and the staff wore cute cowgirl boots, jeans, and hats. They were all young ladies working hard and enjoying the customers. It made me happy. I will return for sure and take my family there to dine.

So, I reflected on my writing and realized that I hadn’t posted anything on my blog in some time. I realized that my writing comes in spurts and I should become more organized and write everyday and post regularly on my website. So here I am attempting to be a good blogger and entertain my few but loyal readers. So here goes.

case of curious crazy chicana from the Stiletto Gang blog

click on the link and it will lead you to my post for august 9th, 2018cropped-image1.jpg


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