Juliana Aragón Fatula


And love is all we need.

on August 11, 2018


I have plenty to do today, don’t want to do any of it. I wanna write. I wanna write. I wanna write. So, I’m a gonna’ write today. Me time; fuck off vibe time, I can’t hear you, honey time, why the fuck am I a fucking housewife if I can’t take time out of my chores, yes, chores, fuckin’ chores…just to write a love story? Or a mystery? Or a comedy? Or a tragedy? Or all the above, and more. I’ve written something terrific and I want to give birth to the world, and just let go, but I’m addicted to revision and I love the research side of writing fiction. Not too real, not to far away…

I want to be cremated and my ashes scattered on Irene’s Mountain in Red Canon, CO. I want to die with a pen in my hand and rigor mortis has set in…my fingers are clutching that pen like no body’s business. Ya know? Y, que?

I’m rambling which I always do, ramble on. I love words, semantics, diction, tone, musicality, alliteration, onomatopoeia, and similes. Metaphors and symbols, and magical realism, and lies, and truths and bullshit…

Where was I? Right. My groceries are on the counter melting; I’m stuck behind my mask in my kitchen living in fiction. Mystery? I can’t categorize my genre; but I must. It’s a love story for sure, a mystery, a thriller, a political story, an LGBTQ story, a Chicana story. But it’s about justice.

I’m eighty-five and I wanna go home.

I need a break, to write, to read, to think, to study, to learn. I crave it. I jones for it. I abuse chocolate, food with the word cream in them…I get sick, binge, binge, binge.
Writing heals my fucking broken heart. I admit I’m a romantic and my creativity takes me to romantic places with Shakespeare and Tony. Ooh la la ooh la wee ooh la wee wee.
Yes, I said it. It’s French, I think?

I’m the Crazy Chicana in Catholic City and I figured you might as well realize who I am and what I stand for.

My heart is broke and broken and breaking….
I feel helpless like I’m living in a nightmare, que no?
Aye, yay yay.
What is wrong with humans?
Why do we kill each other?
Stop the violence and spread the love.
Love is all we have.

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